Tools & Tips

This page includes a list of various tools and tips I have discovered while blogging. Of course, they change all the time and as I discover more I will update this page. I am listing them alphabetically, not necessarily in order of preference.

  • Klout – Provides feedback for me, in addition to WordPress stats I can get from my dashboard, about how my interactions are trending, based on tweets, retweets, Facebook posts comments and other interactions
    • Klout is not a “badge” to me, just a feedback mechanism related to how my visibility and influence might be trending based on the actions I am taking
  • Qwiki – This site takes scripted content, including text, images and voice, and creates an interactive multimedia presentation on over 2,000,000 topics
    • Whether you want to learn about a company like Walmart, a person like Ozzy Osbourne or a place like St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands, qwiki creates an interesting, rich and informative experience
    • As a tool, qwiki will only get more and more valuable as additional data sources are indexed
  • Twitterfeed – Checks this blog on a regular schedule (every 30 minutes at this point), posting an excerpt on my Twitter and Facebook streams
    • I added the #in suffix to the feeds so my tweet also posts to LinkedIn
    • Using Twitterfeed also makes my blog more accessible to Flipboard reader (at this time Flipboard does not consume my RSS feed)

Thanks to Rick Ross for developing the idea of sharing tools we are using in a concise and easy-to-find place. I will keep adding them as I find them useful.

Please add your own discoveries to the comments below.


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