Keeping it simple

I am going to try something new in the way I post topics to my blog. I have only been working on this project a little while, but I have some feedback that what I write has people scratching their heads sometimes. They say they find it harder to post replies when topics force deeper thoughts.

Sometimes I find that if I have to rewrite the same concept twice or three times, my thoughts are clearer and my writing more concise. I also notice I get drawn into wanting to explain or describe all the angles of a topic, so I might cut out our chance for a conversation. So a first step for me could be to get an editor, and another is to take a longer view of my blogging timeline to split up my posts and keep them shorter.

While there is so much I want to share, I think it is going to work best only if it works for you first. So let me practice keeping things straightforward and maybe a little less detailed.

Do you find it easier to comment against a general topic, or would you prefer something deeper and more specific? Does more detailed writing in a blog post tend to shut down your replies, or do you want more “meat” in your reading?

Hit “Reply” and let me know.

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