Serendipity and Social Media

Earlier this week, Chris Brogan and Nancy Duarte had a twitter/video conversation (which you can watch on YouTube if you have not seen it yet). Before the event, Chris requested that we listen in to the #duarte hashtag. I also followed @nancyduarte. Now, the social capital that Chris works to produce in his readers is an obvious topic to write about, but another thing happened along the way that triggered me to write first.

Being pretty new to really engaging in social media conversations outside of LinkedIn, the event that followed was a big deal. It is worth writing about… in some other conversation she was having on Twitter, Nancy replied that she was very interested in tracking down a resource that was mentioned, but that the original author had made a mistake in their URL. A little search later, and I had tracked down the resource and sent it on to Nancy.

Big deal.

It was for me. It helped me to think about simply helping out. It didn’t take a lot of work, I had no self-serving motive and it didn’t save the world, but it felt pretty good to just do something little… like the way you can open the door for someone with a load of boxes, help an elderly person up or down the stairs, or just be a decent human being to another person. It was, well, social.

Oh, and then she thanked me… as if we were in the same room or as if I had done something great. People I know might do that, but here was someone I had never met… very cool.

This might be one of the least technical or deep-thinking posts I will ever make. But it is such a great reinforcement to plug into a community, even in the smallest way. If you are unresolved about how social “social media” really is, or about how we might connect and do business in the global marketplace without necessarily hopping on a plane from Monday to Friday, have you just tried to do something small in your online social network just to help somebody out (like you probably would in person)?

The connection (however small), the opportunity to help, and the thank you were all set up in the coordination of the webinar, as a side effect to the intentions of Chris or Nancy. That what we write and coordinate with others has the capacity to impact many others for their good is a great reason to engage, build communities and find ways to offer help to each other, according to our strengths.

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